2024 TrailFX Catalog

• Made of high strength, reinforced nylon • Able to withstand 20,000 lbs of compression • UV protected to resist sun damage and fading • Easily cleaned after use • Can be mounted to bed rack, roof rack or track system for easy storage and transport • Mounting kit sold separately (Part# TBMK01) • Boards measure 42.5”L x 12.5”W x 2.5”H • Set of two • Limited 1 year warranty Part# TBBK01 - Black TBOR01 - Orange TBMK01 - Mounting Kit TBBK01 Terravore Traction Boards by TrailFX provide added traction for vehicles stuck in sand, snow or mud. Simply place the boards under the spinning tires and slowly accelerate to free the vehicle. They can also be used as a shovel if needed to assist with recovery. These boards are lightweight and UV protected to prevent fading and can be conveniently mounted on exterior racks using the available mounting kit, sold separately. TBOR01 TRACTION BOARDS ® TRACTION BOARDS 70